Saturday, May 27, 2017

It Just Brought A Smile To My Face

There are times when things you hear or see just bring a smile to your face. These are a few of the moments this past week that have brought a smile to my face.

The ongoing battle I have with my cat Captain. The battle involves his sleeping on the pillow. I have to admire his tenacity. He seems to keep coming up with new ways to find ways to sleep on the pillow while I am trying to sleep. You can read more about his belief that he should be able to sleep on my pillow in my post Captain's Compromise.

Being able to recognize that I have a really good life. I hear so many individuals complain daily about all the horrible things that are happening in their lives. They seem to never say anything good. There are times when you have to look for the good, but it's always there. And once you find one good thing it's so easy to find more. I was reminded of this earlier this week when someone told me so many of these people seem unhappy. I had to chuckle and thought they seem to make themselves a little more unhappy than they should.

Viewing the holiday list at work, and realizing that my name wasn't on it. I actually get my holiday off. It's a minor miracle. I was so excited. But you have to be careful about sharing that joy at work, there are a lot of individuals who didn't get the holiday off. I was all smiles after viewing that list. It was such a great surprise.

What has brought a smile to your face this week?

Friday, May 26, 2017

A Touch Of Red

There are times when you have to create something a little different in your life. And so you break out the hair dye. And create a little different look for that night out on the town.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

You Must Live a Different Life

I was talking to someone the other day. And they began joking about how difficult their life was. They asked me why I was so happy all the time? I informed them that something good happens everyday. The individual replied you must live a different life than I do.

I instantly thought I get so tired of all this negativity. But then I realized I don't live this person's life, and things can be much different from appearances.

And then I thought about all the good things in my life. And I thought about the times that I have had difficulties. I thought about how I made it through those difficult times. I thought about how I depended on thinking of the good things that happened each day. I then realized that why is it how difficult it is for us to see the great things that are going on each day in our lives.

I instantly felt sorry for the individual I was speaking to because I know something that she doesn't. I know that something good happens in everyone's life everyday.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Zero And The One

Some friendships make our lives better. And there are some friendships that lead us straight into trouble. Often those friendships that cause trouble seem to be the best thing to happen to you when they start. That's the story of The Zero And The One by Ryan Ruby.

The Story

Owen is a bright young man who has the opportunity of a lifetime at Oxford. But if you are shy, and don't have much money, life at Oxford you can miss some of the fun of being a student at Oxford. But things change when he is paired up with Zach. Zach introduces Owen to the world that is at Oxford when you don't spend time studying.

Zach and Owen discuss their beliefs over the course of the friendship. And then a suicide pact is created.

And there is the aftermath of the pact, which shows that Zach's life before he met Owen had some twisted events.

What I Liked

This book is well written, and the story is interesting. But it's also a little disturbing. The book explores topics that aren't life. Suicide pacts and complex family relationships aren't always easy to think about. It is well written, and the book will make you think. That's what I liked about the book. But I also did not like the main characters of the book. Zach is arrogant, and Owen is kind of a wimp in my opinion. But I guess it is needed for the story.

If you enjoy books with some twisted and turns, then this book may be for you.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I Just Chopped It Up

Once again I overheard an interesting conversation, and it made me wonder about people. There was a woman talking about hot tubs. She said that she used to have a hot tub. But she stated I just chopped it up. The other individuals she was talking to said what? You chopped up a hot tub? She replied yes. And she informed everyone that it was pretty too. It was a marbled green tub. It worked, but her husband refused to connect it. It sat out in her yard all ready for four years. She got angry at her husband for not connecting it, and then she just went out and cut it into bits and threw it away one day.

Then one of her friends told her that they need to take her down to social security tomorrow. When the woman asked why? The other one replied isn't it obvious you need a crazy check. The woman replied I know it's kind of crazy, but that is what I did. And I do crazy things like that when I get angry.

I thought to myself her friend is right she does need a crazy check, and I wonder what else she would be willing to chop up in life.

Monday, May 22, 2017

You're The Star Hop

Isn't spring just the greatest? I love that you can have a day where it is 90 degrees, and then the next day it 30 degrees cooler. You complain that it is a little cold today. And you realize that three months ago you would have jumped for joy at a day where it was sixty degrees. Hopefully, you all are having a great spring.

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DIY Metal Side Table by Wonderfully Made by Leslie

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Thrifty Finds Week 19

It's no surprise, but I went thrift shopping again this week. It seems like you all should know this is going to come up. I do it every week.  And I was lucky to find some really cool items. Here is what I found this week.
Here's the complete score. It wasn't too bad as far as finds go. If you saw my post Thrifty Finds Week 18, you already now what I have planned for the bear. I was fortunate enough to find a smaller version of the bear this week. How did that happen?
I also found a really great red leather jacket. And my favorite find of the week is the Fender guitar shirt with the angel on the front. It's a super score!
I also found an adorable pair of shoes made out of lace, and a heart shaped trinket box. The box has little roses on the top of it. It has such a romantic feel about it!
And last but not least, I found a trivia book. I have a friend who is a huge trivia fan. She loves it! It's perfect to add to a gift bag for her.

Happy thrifting to all of you. Let me know what you have found recently.