Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mississippi Blood

I've been reading some books by Greg Iles. Remember the review I wrote of his books The Bone Tree and Natchez Burning. The last book in the trilogy is Mississippi Blood.

The Story

In this book, the trial takes off, and the truth comes out. Tom Cage gets his day in court. And he is finally able to tell his story. But first we hear the story of how the prosecution believes the murder of Viola occurred. It makes Tom look pretty bad, and you wonder throughout the story what is it that his lawyer is up to. But Tom finally tells his version of what happened. The story is full of a couple of twists that make you wonder what is going on. But it is all wrapped up in the end. And of course, justice is served.

What I Think

I liked most of this book. The court scenes in the book, are great. There is tons of action and twists and turns. While part of you knows what is going to happen at the end of the trial, another part of you thinks maybe that isn't what is going to happen. I felt like the ending of the series was a little weaker though. I don't know, I just wanted a little more justice for the real killer. It was a little bit of a let down to see him not get a day in court. (Hope that isn't a spoiler for you all.) And then there are those times, when Penn seems to take matters into his own hands. Who in real life can get away with that? But overall, this is a good book. And I really do recommend the entire series to all of my readers.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I'm Settled In

A little over a year ago, I had to change positions at my job. My position had been eliminated, and so I took another job. I was grateful that I was able to still have a job. So many laces you work at just give you a ticket to the unemployment office when they are eliminating jobs. But I had another option. I considered myself lucky.

At first I detested my new position. It was a huge change physically, emotionally, and mentally. I had a new set of co-workers. And like all co-workers, there are some you prefer to others. But I knew I did not like the position I was in. Then another one in the same building came open. The shift fit my lifestyle a little better. It wasn't perfect, but I could work with it. The work was a little more up my alley.

So a year has gone by, and I realized the other day, I've settled in. I've settled in to the routine. I've settled into how to navigate through this work environment. And I'm happy with the change. But I'm glad that I've settled in for the long haul. Because I've had jobs that I am miserable in, and life is just much easier when you are happy at work.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It's stuck!

Summer is here, and of course there are tons of items that seem to get stuck on everything. Ever had one of those times when you are in a parking lot, and a piece of gum gets stuck on your shoe? Here are some tips on how to get some of those items unstuck.

Gum On The Shoe

Peanut butter will help with this problem. If you rub it on the area, the oil in the peanut butter detaches the chewy goo. But who wants to do this? It's a little messy. An easier way to do this is wrapping the shoe in plastic, and then place it in the freezer. After a half hour, you can remove the shoe, and scrape off the gum.

The Label

We've all bought that perfect picture frame, and then realized that the label hasn't come off the way we planned. There is glue gum everywhere. The simple solution for this one, is WD-40. First you sock the glass in warm dish water for about fifteen minutes. Then you add your WD-40. Let it sit for a moment, and the sticky will wipe off almost instantly.

Bug Guts

Yep, bugs seem to just be drawn to the grill of your car in the summer. And running through the local car wash doesn't always seem to get the whole mess does it? Run to the hardware store and pick up some mineral spirits. Take a soft cloth and rub it over the area of your car. It's pretty simple. After the bug goo is removed, wash the area with a mild detergent, and wax it.

So hopefully these simple tricks will help you out this summer.

Monday, July 24, 2017

You're A Shining Star Blog Hop

You ever have times when you walk in somewhere, and you know. You just know this is going to be a fine mess. That was what happened to me yesterday. But we all survive messes, and they make us appreciate the good times just a little more don't they? And I am glad it is time for the blog hop. It's something to look forward to every Monday.

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Blackberry Jam with chia seeds

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Will Artificial Intelligence Come To Lirfe

Several years ago, I watched a movie called Artificial Intelligence. The movie made an impact on me, and I have thought about several times through the years. The movie is about robots. The robots look life like. And someone decides to replicate a child. It's strange to see how much the robot is like a real child. The robot is able to make an emotional connection to the humans it is purchased by.

The problem in the movie is what happens to these robots when humans no longer want them. There are those who see them simply as robots, and believe that they can just turn them off. But there are others who know that these artificial intelligent robots have developed emotions.

The movie came to mind when Elon Musk make his warning that artificial intelligence could destroy the world.  There are those who say Musk is being a little crazy with his warning. But I'm not one of them. His warning was a call to us to think through what we are creating. And that we should think through just how we are going to deal with this artificial intelligence. 

How are we going to deal with the possibility that the robots we are creating may develop their own free will? And as a result they may choose to do things differently than we planned. I believe it is a valid question that should be debated no only by scientists, but  by individuals throughout society.

And then earlier this week, I heard a story about artificial intelligence that really caught my attention. A robot in Washington D.C. drove itself into a pool of water. The question is did the robot malfunction? Or did it commit an artificial intelligence version of suicide? We'll never really know, but it is worth thinking about isn't it?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Night Cowgirl

Sometimes when you are out and about, you find things that you don't expect. And this was the case when I was down at the local festival. It was a booth full of cowboy boots. This may not be too unique if you live in Montana, but I live in Indiana. It was something to see. Boots in all colors and styles were available.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Lemon Jell-O Syndrome

This summer I picked up a book called The Lemon Jello-O Syndrome. It wasn't a book that was recommended to me. I hadn't read anything by the author, Man Martin, before this book. It simply caught my eye, and I thought try it out.

The Story

Bone King has a slight disability. He is unable to walk through doors. And it becomes a serious problem in his life. He receives treatment from a strange doctor, who doesn't recommend medicine. He recommends square dancing. But the treatment doesn't always work. And Bone finds that he has to decide who he can trust in life, and what he is willing to do to get well.

What I Think 

I liked this book. Bone is an odd character. He is writing a book on grammar, and he is working on his doctorate. But he is one of those individuals who doesn't have a lot of common sense. In some ways he is likeable, but in others he isn't. He just seems to get a little lost in life. And I actually like the character of Dr. Lemongello. I found that his unusual bedside manner was a breath of fresh air. And then there is that twist in the book, that makes you think about how do we trust the experts?

So, if you are looking for a book, with an unusual character, this book may be for you.